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Mosbi  08/02/2019
Joli font. Merci pour ce partage.
Boiseznavarro  08/02/2019
How do you add the elongated lines at the beginning and end?
sbrand  09/02/2019
To elongate the lines you need to type the bracket characters [ and ] I believe to get those lines. I couldn't get this font to even load on my computer but I know this works for similar fonts.
bscheerho  10/02/2019
I cannot get the beginning and ending swish either :(
DezierHolmes  12/02/2019
Do i need a license to use this font for my YouTube banner, or can I use it for free without copyright problem in the future ??
sbrand  13/02/2019
Update: I did get the font to work. I just had to use the .ttf format for my older software. Great font! Highly suggest purchasing the commercial license
mapatryn  26/02/2019
How do you add the elongated letters at the beginning and end like your example for "f" and "t" ?
would like to donate/purchase this font, how much should I donate?

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