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Microsoft Fonts  12/07/2008
Got any more good fonts, BlamBot? I seem to have realised that many of your fonts make it into my personal font list. Good luck in the future! (of font making)
dotd420  18/08/2008
this font rocks- retro horror at its best!
romanolo  30/07/2009
Is it possible to buy the font for commercial purpose?
death wish  03/10/2009
that's amazing good job i know many people who would use that
GO-N Prod  15/12/2009
We are an animation series production company. We really like your font “feast of flesh”. We would like to know if it is possible to use it for the title card of one episode of a series we are currently producing. In this case, what would be your conditions?
Thanks in advance for your reply.
Kind regards,
BeauChevassus  17/03/2010
We made a fun music video (non-commercial... as a matter of fact the budget was $0.00. Haha.) with this font:

Zombie Rap

Sweet font.
waterworthr  02/04/2011
Angry Birds is awesome
LauriFIN  25/06/2012
I really love this font! +PewDiePie use this on his videos :)
luka 128  01/10/2013
hi,iam making a youtube channel and i used this font for some art and intros is it okay :)
kashmoney  16/04/2014
I'm creating a brand and was wondering if I would use this font.

MysticDarkz  02/06/2014
Can you use this font for YouTube?
Lionika  23/07/2014
I would like to use your font for commercial purpose. Please contact me for details: tothemax808@hawaii.rr.com
Utilisateur supprimé 807504  22/09/2014
Hi, I am designing a flyer for an Punkrock Halloween Party which is organized by our local youth cultural center. May I use this font for free?
haglund1992  23/05/2015

I'd really like to use this font on my youtube videos, and twitch streams, you can contact me on tony_excessum@hotmail.com .

Best regards.
ainKiwi  31/08/2015
Hello, i want to use this font in my first flyer, it is about a halloween event, only the title i want to use, it is okay?
Bonfyre  01/02/2016
You should be very proud of this font. Rovio's used it for Angry Birds, YouTubers like Razzbowski and Dawko use it for their video thumbails, DAGames has used it for their It's Time to Die and Break My Mind lyric videos (and for their album arts), and I use it for my YouTube thumbnails. A lot of people use this font, you should be proud.
LuisAlfredo92  31/08/2016
this is the best font in the world :')
Hi, I would like to use this font for Halloween commercial purpose.
You can contact me on hungling0209@gmail.com
Thank you!
Jarecstaal  30/09/2016
Hi, I would like to use this font for my band's logo.
Please contact me on teye@jongerenwerk.com
Hope to hear from u soon!
SidouFont  16/06/2017
Hi, I really love your font. I would like to use it for creating my brand. please contact me : sidoumrz@gmail.com
banksyyy  30/08/2017
Hi, I'd love to use this as a part of some commercial work as part of a t-shirt design, would this be okay? Regards
madhumogli  13/11/2017
Can I use this font for some commercial work as part of a t-shirt design.pls inform me: msudan243@gmail.com
Gx1000  21/03/2018
Hi, I really love your font. I would like to use it for creating my brand. please contact me at Kwncroger@yahoo.com
Kat1285  01/05/2018
Is this not just the font from angry birds?
Familyhere  05/05/2018
Is this font good
daved123  26/07/2018
Hi, may I use this commercially for a shirt design? Contact me at fndavid01@gmail.com
mugiwaramoo13  04/09/2018
Hi I would like to use your font for a blog post I'm making for the company I work for. Please let me know if it is okay to use your font for that.

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