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drdistracto707  08/06/2007
Sweet font, this looks like the font used in
"The History Boys" movie, is it?
mariyuwana  09/06/2007
nice art.i like it
VIHR.  10/06/2007
Very good font
theguywhocriedwolf  11/06/2007
Best font ever. Makes these other guys look like amateurs. All hail the King of Fontographia.
jayare  03/07/2007
best font so far how do i write somthing i need to?
hollywoodhorse  19/07/2007
best font ever. plain and simple.
YeahItsMe007  27/12/2007
Awesome font. It does have a powerful appearance. And-, if it's used right, it can add value to the message delivery. I’m glad I ran into it. Check out my web site. www.nash-hasan.com and see how I used it.
Thank You, You Rock
livviePIE  05/01/2008
awesome font
how do i write something with it?
hellikoptahh  13/07/2008
I love it. Elliot Minor use this for their Logo. You've got a lot of fans x]
Really is very very good
kunareid  23/09/2008
Opinion, OK?
This is not a font. This is what happens when a six-year-old is given vague instructions on how to assemble a ransom note.
delihi  14/11/2008
I love this font!!
best font ever.
ART-istry  08/07/2011
Hey this font is famous, I would ask you to use it for my Logo ART-istry? I would be very glad, if you aloud it to use.


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