Eight One

Eight One à  par Jerry Hodge
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lovelybxnes  01/10/2012
May I have permission to make slight modifications to some of the letters (like extend the horizontal line in the small 'e') to make the letters flow better visually? Hope you can grant my request. Thank you :)
Anastasie  16/10/2012
Hi, I would like to buy your font for the creation of a logo. Is it possible ?
Please let me know your price as soon as possible and the best way to pay you.
Alw'  26/07/2013
Hello this can be used to write a magazine for the sale and is a must for personal use? (I remind you that I will note the names of writing a policy the first page thank you)
frankylove  10/08/2013
hello. I wanted to know if it was possible to use this font for a logo competition
hodge  auteur de Eight One   14/08/2013
The font is completely free to use, modify, etc. There is no license to use the font. Please feel free to do whatever you wish with it. :)
aotrou  01/10/2013
Is it possible to use this font for a french corporate identity ? (logo, ...)
interjen2000  17/10/2013
Thank you Hodge for your creation of eight-one and for allowing us to use it for free without a license. I came here to purchase a licence since I decided that it suited my need for a logo. However, since you have allowed it for free I would just respectfully would like you to know that it will be used for that purpose. My business name is URbantu - and we appreciate your work. Thanks!
Sylbab  25/01/2014
Thanks a lot to the author of Eight one to let us use it for free. Really kind. Out of courtesy then, I inform you that I may use it at the front of an exhibition. On the store. So thanks a lot!
rileyjean  25/08/2014
Love this font. Thank you so much for giving this font for free use! You rock :-)
Rulang  30/06/2016
Hola, quisiera saber las restricciones para usar la tipografía en el anclaje verbal de una marca de una organización autogestiva, sin contribuyente tributario. Felicitaciones Jerry Hodge por ella, pues me parece muy linda. Saludos y agradecimientos

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