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bar2u  02/02/2009
lovely font. Its a shame it is not free. I have tried the website to purchase but alas all in vain because i do not speak Italian.

But great font.


staplehead  09/02/2009
Really nice font, That's because I've mentioned it on my blog. I'm writing a series about my favourite fonts and yours will be at my "Hall of fame". You can read it at
kmzero  auteur de Duepuntozero   02/03/2009
Thank you Staplehead! For bar2u and everybody else, we have updated the site regarding purchase instructions at
sizzlecreative  12/03/2009
I've got to back up the rest of the posts, love this font.
fosstux  31/07/2009
Wow! Awesome font! I'd only wish it would be free!
sk8terboy9812  12/08/2009
This Font is so awesome!!
It's Free isn't it???
katiersmith  14/09/2009
Looks really neat, bro!

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