Dream Orphanage

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ellenelle  01/12/2012
Love the font but there is a problem with the way it seems to include a blank line (line space) underneath teh text, i.e., it is not possible to use it for single-spaced text (it is automatically double-spaced). I have downloaded dozens of fonts and never encountered this problem previously. Would it be possible to fix it?
typodermic  auteur de Dream Orphanage   03/12/2012
Oops. Fixed. I'll upload a new version.
dafata  06/05/2013
Hi, I have a doubt. I've readed the simple explanation of the Typodermic Fonts regular license in: agreementhttp://typodermicfonts.com/simple-explanation/

I understand this font (or others) is free for personal or commercial use, but my doubt becomes when I find this font in myfonts.com with 30$.

Typodermic, Could you clear me?

Thanks for all.
typodermic  auteur de Dream Orphanage   22/07/2013
The regular style of Dream Orphanage is supposed to be free. I'll contact them to make the change.
spiritseer  10/07/2019
Hi Ray,
I feel somewhat emotionally connected to name of this font, and so am I to Librans. I wish to use it in self hypnosis cards and on my social network posts. Thanks for the blessing, brother!

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