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dragonscript  03/06/2013
I really like this font, can I ask why there is no 'C' though please?
Jaynz  auteur de Dovahkiin   03/06/2013
There's no 'c' in the official language. You duplicate either the 's' or 'k' depending on the soft or hard phonic you're using.
dragonscript  05/06/2013
Thank you, I may be being totally silly but what is this from? I like it because it looks like a dragon has written it but didn't know there was an actual origin.
dragonscript  05/06/2013
Apologies, it says here the Skyrim game.
rehzunge  04/03/2014
So I have just a question will you enter a Pount and plus minus and so on?? That will be very nice because i juse this font to write some letters and textes to freinds. Yeah and i don´t even know how this goes so I ask you if can fix this and i have found a c her is the link : pls fix i will be so happy if you can do this . My english is horrible because I am from Austria and i´m ot really good. Thank you now i hope you can do this.
Barren Dawn  02/04/2014
This is a great font especially for fans of the elder scrolls
Barren Dawn  02/04/2014
Could you please make a game of thrones font. like from the series.I would but im a crap drawer
tofrus  22/06/2016
very nice thank you
LucarioGamerEX  06/12/2016
This is awesome, I love the Elder Scrolls games!

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