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skomii  12/12/2013
This font makes me smile! :D
mgmuranaka  auteur de Dolce Vita   12/12/2013
it makes me smile that it makes you smile! happy designing!
Magurno  24/12/2013
Nice design, it's like a modern variation of Avant Garde! :)
hoangss  16/09/2015
Is this font free to use? I want to use this font for my poster.
mgmuranaka  auteur de Dolce Vita   19/09/2015
yes, it's free
Blackboxx92  09/10/2015
Very, nice Font! Can I also use it for my youtube without worries?
mgmuranaka  auteur de Dolce Vita   12/11/2015
Yes you may Blaxkboxx, best of luck!
isaure37  24/11/2015
Can I use it for a logo? (for an student project, it may be used for communication to companies or sponsors)
mgmuranaka  auteur de Dolce Vita   02/12/2015
Yes isaure27, you definitely may.
melissalaex  13/09/2016
Hi there! Great font. Can I use it for commercial purposes? It maybe be sold on material.

Thanks!  18/12/2016
This font is awesome! i really love it , can i use if for commercial purpose?
christinaoerum  21/12/2016
LOVE IT! May I use it for commercial purpose (Visual identity). :)
mgmuranaka  auteur de Dolce Vita   27/12/2016
Hello guys, thanks for all of the comments! You may definitely use the font commercially, best of luck!
wittan  20/02/2017
Best and Good . Thank you "@mgmuranaka"
christinaoerum  13/01/2018
still free to use for a visual identity?
cnt85  17/01/2018
Can I use it for a logo?
mgmuranaka  auteur de Dolce Vita   18/01/2018
@christinaoerum yes, completely free to use commercially
@cnt85 yes you may!
bruni00  14/02/2018
Nice font! Can I use this font commercially? I want to use it for my brand logos, t-shirts, notebooks, websites and many other things :)
mgmuranaka  auteur de Dolce Vita   03/03/2018
bruni00 yes you may! best of luck!
mgmuranaka  auteur de Dolce Vita   03/03/2018
bruni00 yes you may! best of luck!
Omipimous  09/04/2018
Hello, may I use this as a base for a commercial artist logo? It will be used as a basis for a signature logo and will be used on multiple social media/webpage.
mgmuranaka  auteur de Dolce Vita   06/05/2018
You may definitely use it for a commercial logo. Best of luck!
love this so much! read you okays for commercial use. thank you so much!
jphonor  16/04/2019
Beautiful! Thank you!
Dorkienerd  20/01/2020
Hello, I love this font and would love to use it for commerical use. But I am unable to download and use it. Is it still available? Thanks

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