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Laurenn1123  16/06/2007
SUPERCUTExx  12/01/2008
lol i like that
nerenka  21/02/2008
I like it but a question can i put it on my myspace
Munchkin_Kaza  28/01/2009
does any1 know how to use it on word document to print and put on school books ??
ASluv2comment  30/04/2009
mcxo  01/11/2009
haha good one
mazika  21/02/2011
NikkiGirl8  21/08/2012
Thank you ;-)
mikemakeitso  04/11/2018
Hi. I like your font. Great job!

Can you please let me know the cost for commercial use?

Please message me at

Thanks again

teresazeped  30/06/2019
Does anyone know if wew can use this one for proffesional use?,
Gorevern  14/02/2021
Need for commercial use
Gorevern  14/02/2021
Need for commercial use
bluevinylfonts  auteur de Disko   17/02/2021
Yes, you can use this for commercial use. My terms of use are here:
Also, check out my latest freeware fonts here:
- Jess Latham

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