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Gyom Séguin  05/03/2007
That I like! a lot! Love the contrast between the gothic and the romantic aspect of the font.
annaOMline  07/03/2007
Really good font! even with latin characters, thanks a lot!, lovely combination of styles gothic+modern
Cheese  22/03/2007
I love the way how it simple and easy to read, though very fancy!
Cheese  22/03/2007
Bran you ROCK!!
tl-fonts  31/07/2007
This font pwns but it was copied by StereoType's Frakturika
vinz  21/08/2007
fraturika was created in 2004 whereas Defeqto was first seen in 2007... so, who copied who?
anyway, i'm still comparing both fonts and the only thing i can find they have in common is that they mix gothic and modern style. That's all. So stop saying bullshit, tl-fonts!
LaurenRuth  14/02/2009
Ummmmm, I doubt that Defeqto copied Frakturika or vice versa; however, both of these unique (and rather sweet) fonts share an obvious inspiration in Fraktur, which I believe originates in around 1800 with a design by Justus Erich Walbaum. I guess the similarities between these two fonts would appear suspect had I not been familiar with the particular style.

Frakturika even referencing the type in it's title... I could be wrong but I would guess both designers were aware of and intended for any Fraktur-esq-ness in these designs.

Abd I do not see either of these fonts as "copies." Fraktura is beautiful, and has inspired a plethora of new renditions.

Sorry, just had to add my two cents on that, but I originally came here simply to give props on this swell font Defeqto.

I think I saw it used on The History Channel, on a preview for a new show or special. "Dark" something. Right on.

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