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Huntsman247  04/12/2013
Thank You so much! I ended up using it for a TAFE Assignment.
Check it out on my tumblr blog
suevoelker  04/07/2014
How can I contact you about possible use for my small business?
Hi, I love this font so much!
Ajan  15/01/2015
Hi there! I was thinking of using this font as part of a wallpaper design for an accent wall in my home. I don't think that I would be selling the wallpaper itelf, but I would like to include it in my portfolio. The design would be made up of more than just text. Would that be alright with you?
Ajan  15/01/2015
Oh, of course I would give you full credit in any image description for the font!!
Knightbots  12/03/2015
Hi Jenna! I want to use this font for a cover of my forthcoming album. Is it possible? What can I do to pay it? Thx!
wolfango  22/03/2015
Hi Jenna! I want to use this font for some t-shirt. Is it possible? What can I do to pay it? Thx!
Aliciagrey  12/01/2016
Hi Jenna i am starting my own business and would love to be able to use this design as the logo its just small at the moment i am happy to pay money its to bring colour to those in wheelchairs as of my self instead of just black, i saw this and it fits perfectly with the page please can i use this for my business like i said please give a price and i will pay for it.

Thankyou - Alicia
Satoscio  16/04/2017
This font is great, anyway I have problems on my computer, the font only works in Notepad and Microsoft PowerPoint.
If someone can help me I would be happy because I need to use it in Vegas Pro 14 and Microsoft Word
mrisbeck  04/05/2017
Fantastic typeface! I'd love to use it as a title for my upcoming performance and was wondering what your protocol is on that. Thanks so much!
giarridafont  14/07/2017
Ciao Jenna, vorrei usare il carattere Decibel per fare un logo, come devo fare per pagare? Sul sito Dafont c'è scritto di fare un'offerta è corretto? Aspetto tue istruzioni. Grazie mille

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