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Dead Secretary

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SoFonty  05/09/2008
the names prettyyyyy wackkkyyy cause im a secretary lol
thuyptt  09/09/2008
SoFonty  09/09/2008
had to comment again i totally loved it
Andrew2  auteur de Dead Secretary   10/09/2008
Thanks, glad you enjoy it! :)
I3.ethyyy  11/09/2008
hmm reli want this font... but can't download for Vista? :( when I right click there is no 'install' ?!?! gaaah helpppp
Andrew2  auteur de Dead Secretary   11/09/2008
Make sure you save the font to your computer, THEN you right click the font file (after you extract it from it's zip) and click Install. You cannot "install" until it's a)downloaded and b)extracted from the archive

blastluc  12/09/2008
very nice
lexarae14  13/09/2008
love it
lissssayx5  14/09/2008
this shits sexyyy<33333333333
lorrar  16/09/2008
It reminds me of hard fast music, and I love it.
aoun_31  18/09/2008
polk3  18/09/2008
I love it, but since I write in norwegian I need æ, ø, å. Can't you please make it??
polk3  18/09/2008
in capitals it's Æ,Ø,Å
annaOMline  30/09/2008
great vintage&cool font! thanks!
raeanne  30/09/2008
I really love this font and would love to use it, but Font Book gives me a warning that there are "serious problems" with the font when I try to install. I'm running Mac OSX 10.4.11. Anyone else experiencing this?
agustinluisbou92  07/10/2008
Esta fuente es parecida a la "Latin Extra Condensed" de Bitstream. Aquí está la página si quieren comprarla con tarjeta de crédito o PayPal:
us  07/10/2008
thanks, very nice.
StreetLingaz  10/10/2008
Very cool classic grunge font. I love it. ^_^
greeny1417  16/11/2008
Badzilla  27/01/2011
Really nice font! Thank you for uploading it!
gypsy kismet  28/08/2012
Love this font :-).

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