Czech Gotika

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YNeidr  21/08/2012
I'm a great fan of your fontistry (I suppose this is a neologism; my spellchecker certainly doesn't seem to care for it). Is there a version of this font that comes with punctuation, etc.? (I couldn't find any reference to this font on your MyFonts page, at least not by this name.)

Also, you mentioned in your license/readme file that you're a student of the history of lettering. I can't speak for other DaFonters, but I for one would be delighted to learn more about the lettering styles that served as the basis or inspiration for your historically based fonts. For example, is this font based on a writing style from a particular time and/or (as the name of the font suggests) place, a particular individual's writing, or even a particular sample?

I hope everything is going well for you. Keep up the good work!

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