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Vincent_Berg  20/01/2019
This seems like false advertising. You list it as "100% Free", but in the description you state "this font free for personal use." which is definitely NOT 100% free (that term refers to free for personal, commercial, web and ebook uses).

As It is, I'm not sure I can trust ANY of your fonts and I'm tempted to put your name on my 'do not use under ANY circumstances" list. :( If you weren't clear what the term referred to, I'd fix it immediately, lest you earn yourself a bad reputation with the dafont users who actively purchase font licenses.
typefar  auteur de Curtina   20/01/2019
Hello ... this is the mistake of our team, our team wrote the description incorrectly, it should be 100% free. Thank you for the correction. We will update it. thank you

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