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Dernhelm  11/01/2009
Merci pour cette police, jolie, lisible et surtout COMPLETE. Merci beaucoup.

Thanks for this font, which is pretty, legible and most of all, THOROUGH. This font comprehends all the letters and signs, which is not often the case. Thanks a lot.
NolwennP  14/01/2010
Hi ! Thanks a lot for this font. I'd like to know the term of use. Is it ok to use this font for something that will be sold ?
Thank you.
lasernioka  02/05/2010
I'd like to know that as well. THanks!
danadesign  03/03/2012
Can I use this font for commercial logo design?

Please let me know.

ploedman  29/12/2012
Thanks for this great font using it over 3 years!

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