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21326  30/09/2010
Great font! I love the slight jiggliness. A cute font, hope I can use it at some point.
zhijia  30/03/2011
So good!love it.
psyurilin  09/04/2011
but it's really pretty :)
roy300  15/04/2011
brilliant, i say
rils  29/11/2012
No license? Is it free for personal use only, or can it also be free for commercial use?
mianakitty  04/11/2013
This font is beautiful. Thank you for creating this, whoever you are, God bless you.
el5ame  08/12/2013
To ask a previous question.. can this font be used for commercial use without buying it?
kasey.morton223  21/02/2014
Awosome font!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ivylordrhodes  09/06/2014
I would love to use this for a children's book. I'm assuming this is free? If not, I'd be happy to pay the cost.
Phox  19/04/2017
Awesome Font! Is the free for commercial use? I'd like to contact the designer who made this.

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