Commercial Script

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mecano  08/05/2009
Doesn't look like the Commercial Script(tm) from URW who made it?
bunnybomb  13/06/2009
Who made this typeface? I want to give credit where credit is due!!!
bunnybomb  13/06/2009
Oh I figured it out. It is VERY similar to Commercial script fontfaces on the other websites (, etc) My guess is that this font author used a felt tip pen of some sort and font forge to creat this from the originals. Very cute though!
jog  09/11/2009
Very nice indeed - who is the author?
rebber  11/10/2010
hi, I love this font, I would also like to know who the author is? I wanted to ask him or her if it is ok to use this on my website? Thanks.
rbalaji  11/11/2010
hi, it's fine
Pauooo  11/02/2011
Same thing for me!! I like so much this font and would like to know if I can also use it on my website!!
abledo  25/01/2013
Hi ! can I use it for my logo??

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