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nicluvsu  13/07/2013
I hate it
galdinootten  auteur de Comica BD   22/07/2013
Thank you very much!
Lionika  23/07/2014
I have a small business and would like to use your font commercially could you please advise me as to the cost? Thank you!
email me at:
DavidBrennan  03/09/2014
Great thanks! Perfect for a children's book. God bless!
anniemated  06/11/2014
Hi, what is the donation amount if we want to use the font for commercial purposes? Thanks!
Uranium37  02/06/2017
Hi galdinootten,
I'd like to use this font for my business. What's the cost?
Please email me at
crbynog  23/08/2017
I like this font, thank you for creating it. I would like to know a purchase/donation amount so we can possibly use it at a small coffee shop we are opening. Thank You!!
crbynog  23/08/2017
Also, I cannot get the apostrophe to show up, it keeps giving me an asterisk.
dhogan624  03/10/2017
I would like to allow students to use this font in our 2018 yearbook. Please contact me with information about purchase/donation costs.
I would like to use in a commercial project, please email me markprivinius at gmail. Thanks!
galdinootten  auteur de Comica BD   16/05/2018
Just email me to
thiphone  12/10/2018
Cara adorei, uma fonte perfeita Parabéns pelo trabalho ^^

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