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Bbfreeze  19/04/2009
This is so cute :)
iDusk  17/06/2010
Cute + Lovely <3 - Im using this font in my bussiness - AM I ALLOWED ??
verstraeten  24/07/2010
ses super
thatguynamedandy  auteur de Comic Andy   16/03/2011
Yes it's free to use, go wild. All I would ask is that you give me a little credit in return (for fame purposes)
calibrainstorm  12/04/2013
I love your font! Do I have your permission to use it in my business :)?
thatguynamedandy  auteur de Comic Andy   05/11/2013
Yes feel free to use my font for whatever you like, donations however are greatly appreciated!
spevi  19/07/2017
Your font is great! I would like to use it for my product covers on teachers pay teachers site. Am I allowed to do so?
thatguynamedandy  auteur de Comic Andy   10/01/2018
sure thing, go nuts

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