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Bernd Montag  13/12/2008
Well done! I look forward to see more of your work.
I really appreciate this typeface's existence. It's a very well designed typeface in a sea of largely mediocre faces. This could easily be a commercial typeface, and I am sure I will find a use for it in my work. Thank you, and I hope to see more from you.
yumi  06/01/2009
I love it! thank you for sharing!
aajohan  auteur de Comfortaa   15/01/2009
Thank you so much! :) I'm really glad you guys like it :D It means a lot
ifurnas  25/02/2009
Really good and complete font! Really looks like a font that can be used in a professional work! Really good work!
acidliam  03/03/2009
Superb and released under CC. Big respect, keep up the good work!
aram  13/05/2010
aajohan, this font is wonderful! congratulations! Thank you so much!!!
mixcyber  14/08/2010
Perfect font for logo design....shall try this...
nol7  16/11/2010
thanks for this font, it's nice however if i may say something
the font is awful when you look further, take the dot of an i it's not even a circle, take a f it's awful… nice font but not to use for other use like graphism or 3D…
thanks anyway
ashpikachu099  10/12/2010
It looks so similar to (abc) tv network logo font.
redpony  21/12/2010
It's a wonderful font - one of my favorites. Excellent work! And when I read here that the Cyrillic characters were added it made me very happy ... for a few minutes, until I tried them out. I am sorry to say, but the Cyrillic characters are beyond bad. They are plain horrible :(
gbeat  01/03/2011
I totally agree with nol 7. Looks nice but when you look closely it needs loads more of work and finishing. But the concept is good. More work would be perfect.
Shirinoff  17/04/2011
please add character ə and İ
aajohan  auteur de Comfortaa   29/05/2011
Thanks for your feedback :)
I'm on a complete rebuild of all characters to (among other things) address the problems mentioned by nol7 and gbeat. Also, the Cyrillic characters will be fixed by next update. But please be patient, it's a lot of work
aajohan  auteur de Comfortaa   26/12/2011
V2 released! :)
katecarmstrong  08/03/2012
Love this font - thank you for all of your hard work!!
thaner9  12/05/2012
would you have a problem with making a typeface font out of this font for typeface.js use?
flashtuchka  16/07/2012
nice font and great job - thank you for sharing.
NikkiGirl8  21/08/2012
Thank you ;-)
Lenacy  17/11/2013
Thanks for the font, I just used it and it's really beautiful.
emif  14/04/2014
This typeface is really great, I would love to use it for my logo, is it allowed to use it for commercial use ? Congrats again, keep up this good work.
malipivo  15/05/2014
We've used your font to create this poster, Thank you very much!
millyblue  08/02/2015
Dear aajohan,I love this font, I would like to use it for a logo, is it allowed to use it for commercial use?
brianoderhino  02/03/2016
Can I use it in a charities logo please?
my email is
SNTGO  17/01/2017
Hello I made a donation to use the typography
hola hice un donativo para poder utilizar la tipografia,
Gravitr  18/04/2017
Hi, I've used your font in my Android puzzle game Cubism -
Thanks for sharing!
IvanFuentes  02/10/2017
Hi Johan Aakerlund
Is it allowed to use it for commercial use?
My mail is
imireba  07/10/2017
Hi aajohan!, I would like to use it for a logo, is it allowed to use it for commercial use?
aajohan  auteur de Comfortaa   07/10/2017
Yes, it is allowed for commercial use (as also stated in the description of the font)
rianchochochiko  20/03/2018
great font..thank you so much
AZ_DESIGN  04/04/2018

Is it free to use such as t-shirts on redbubble, merch by amazon websites.

Thank you.
aajohan  auteur de Comfortaa   26/04/2018
It certainly is!
Achmad Mubarak  25/07/2018
greattttt font. thank you!
Bebu  18/01/2019
Hello, Nice work! Can I use this font for our business (Commercial use)? Greetings Ben
XO♥IsMyNickName  13/04/2020
Thank you! I love this font on Google Docs so I really wanted to have it!
This font is making me go absloute insanity when seeing this font used in Gacha Life & Run 3
wooshko  27/05/2021
I love this font but I have one big problem with it. I need to use it on a website which is in Polish. It seems that some of Polish characters are not working (I mean "Ć", "Ó", "Ś", "Ź" and "Ż"). Dots and lines above them are not really visible (sometimes parts of them are possible to see, but it does not help while i need to use it on official site of the firm). If you could fix this problem, I would be extremely thankful.
AbidAqila  31/08/2021
This is such an adorable font. Can i use this for commercial use?
Veiiorra  14/09/2021
Tremendous stuff
easybeau  11/11/2021
This font is just beautiful ! Thank you so much.
Paola.F  21/11/2021
Hi, I really like your font. I would like to know if I can use it for commercial purposes. I'm about to self-publish a children's book.
Could you contact me:

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