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geco  05/05/2014
Very nice and clean, especially like the 'w'.

Already used on
kred  05/06/2014
Not only W is interesting, also look at Q
UltraMattPH  06/05/2019
Can you please add Numbers? Thanks!
kmzero  auteur de Cocogoose   06/05/2019
Hi @UltraMattPH the full character set of the font with numbers is available with the commercial version here
NixPix  08/08/2019
looooove this font. total favorite of mine! awesomely useful!!!!!!
MBDU  10/11/2021
Can I use this font for my website?
dane_  22/04/2022
no numbers... as if in our personal usage we wouldn't need numbers. don't say "free for personal use" if it's really a "sample set"
kmzero  auteur de Cocogoose   17/05/2022
Hi @dane_ Our "free for download" fonts are clearly a demo, free to try and for personal/non-commercial use. Numbers 0 to 9 are not included in the non-commercial free version as we need to limit unfair use. If you need to try the numbers just drop us a line.
zpwq  11/06/2022
here from lunar client!!
skdl  01/01/2023
Really cool font. I have a question - the font is free for "personal use", but not commercial use. Would YouTube videos count? I'm a small youtuber and I really like this font for in-built subtitles. Would something like this be fine? I don't want to get sued haha (example)
kmzero  auteur de Cocogoose   11/01/2023
Hi @skdl
you can use the font for YTvideos as long as you don't earn with them :)
skdl  15/01/2023
Well I don't see that happening anytime soon lol
atracey71  22/02/2023
EXACTLY what I've been looking for!!!
I've been trying to find a font to "replace" letters on an old shirt that I have and this looks as if it will be perfect!
Thank you soooooo much!!!

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