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MAWNS  30/11/2011
Very nice!
LucMahler  01/12/2011
La ligne pure et claire, j'aime beaucoup !
Bravo !
weknow  06/05/2012
smiilez  19/08/2012
it is FREE but is it FREE for commercial use? Please reply.
NikkiGirl8  19/08/2012
Thank you, this font is very much appreciated!
stankei  02/03/2013
can it be used for commercial use?
siannalili  17/04/2013
bonjour,is it FREE for commercial use? tanks
angieclaudia  12/10/2013

Is it possible to use your font for commercial use, it's for name of brand ??

jenzeanodesigns  29/01/2016
Hello! Absolutely love this font! Will you please reach out to me at giving us a written consent for using your font? Thanks in advance, seriously love this font!!
peter.s  04/03/2017
Like others have written - is it possible to use this font for commercial use?
Rabi17  17/12/2017
It's beautiful font
this font can be used for commercial (logo) purposes?
Email me black-

Thank You
bia_althoff  25/01/2018
Is it free for a commercial use? Like a new logo.
Please, answer me
Thank you
rachelu  11/12/2018
Is it free for a commercial use and logo design?
Please, reply me on
Thank you
Marcy8908  29/12/2018
Hello! Is this free for commercial use? Can I use it for selling paper templates and posters? Pls. reply here
azraii  22/03/2019
Hello! Is this font free for commercial use?

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