City Burn

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mtension  27/12/2008
Man I could have used this face a few months back, damn. Looks great!
bsilkkrieg  auteur de City Burn   07/01/2009
thank you! it's nice to have reports about my work!!
hope you'll like next fonts
trujoe  10/01/2009
Can I use this for an e-magazine? I would love to talk to you more on this.

bsilkkrieg  auteur de City Burn   15/01/2009
i sent you an email with mine to talk more on this
kirksucks  20/01/2009
this is a pretty good stencil/graffiti font. better than some i've seen.
bsilkkrieg  auteur de City Burn   21/01/2009
thank you kirksucks
Gyom Séguin  26/01/2009
This font is grungy yet refined. I am in love.
msv  31/01/2009
my adobe premiere cs4 always crashed as long this font was installed on my vista32-system ... i nearly went nuts until i remembered one of the things i changed was installing this font. removed it and all worked fine again ;).
eBayfreak  09/02/2009
I love the look of this font, but I had problems with it as well crashing Adobe Premiere CS3, so there's some weird compatibility issue there. Premiere will NOT start with this font installed.
awmasry  10/03/2009
bsilkkrieg  auteur de City Burn   15/03/2009
msohcw  15/03/2009
Hey, I love your font. I would like to know if I could use it for a competition ( if I cite you. Please contact me. Thank you :D
bsilkkrieg  auteur de City Burn   18/03/2009
I sent you an email to confirm what you wanted to know.
africank  06/04/2009
Hello! I love the font! I have some questions about using this font on a t-shirt. Can you email me. thanks.

LaurenRuth  08/04/2009
Hey, just thought you might want to know, I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I noticed that Fox Five News (local channel 5) uses your font for their "Rant" segment.
Anton.vernato  21/05/2009
My name is Anton I'm interested in using your font on of my t-shirt designs.Please respond, so we can discuss this.
Thank you in advance!!
bsilkkrieg  auteur de City Burn   10/06/2009
for all commercial use contact me at
bsilkkrieg  auteur de City Burn   10/06/2009
new: city burn version 2.0 now working on adobe CS4 suite no crash listed during tests soon online on dafont
hope you'll enjoy
Someone  03/07/2009
Very nice font! How did you come up with the name?
lind21a  14/11/2011
Man it looks awesome!! :D
but can't open the zip...
MajorUndead  21/06/2013
Can I use for my FaceBook page?
marcelp2  01/12/2014
Can I use this font? Regards
rocketscott  25/01/2017
Can I use this font for my logo? Regards!

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