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duopenottihondjes  27/04/2009
danny lo letters
bprinz  03/08/2009
This is a great font! Is it public domain, or do I have to pay to use it?
roblonuk  14/12/2009
Does anyone have a contact for Dan as I would also like to find out how much this costs to use commercially?
bornfree  28/02/2010
hey, this is very similar to rosewood font, but a bit more stylish and with less adjustments between characters. i still like it :) thanks for sharing!
zunicorn  13/08/2010
Didnt Lesportsac use this for their summer catalog thing?
Texknight1234567  27/01/2011
Is this free use? Send info to
kurdishgirl  03/02/2011
I love this font AMAZING>>>>
mianakitty  09/10/2011
So cute....
izzy.loves.dafonts  13/11/2011
pls tell me this doesn't cost as i have downloaded loads!!!
kt_leot22  01/06/2012
I love this font! Please can you let me know if it is free to use commercially? Please contact me on
Iheartnerds  14/08/2012
Any news on if this is free or not?
mittie  14/10/2012
I am confused, I have a Dover book from 1989 that says this font was designed by Dan X Solo.
dehbee  04/11/2013
hi, is this font available for commercial use? can you please send info to:
JaneButler  08/01/2014
Is this font free for commercial use. Any help greatly appreciated,
ashleeroseaboat  26/02/2014
I found this font on fontspace as well and it says it's free for commercial use.
kaiami  30/10/2017
Thank you for sharing this beautiful font! I wish I had the talent to make fonts! ♡
NahNine  08/10/2019
is this free for use?
jmepham  31/03/2020
hello, is this font free for commercial use?
stewf  11/08/2021
This design goes all the way back to the mid 19th century and has been revived many times over the last 175 years. Solotype released their own revival (As mittie said above), but it does not mean Solo designed the typeface. This particular free version is very limited, without numbers or accents, and appears to be autotraced (poor outlines). If you need a professional font I recommend Zebrawood (loosely based on a similar wood type) or Rodeo Clown, which adds a lowercase
stewf  11/08/2021
More history and original metal and wood specimens:
Beoz_Doping  26/12/2022
hi ,is this free for commercial use?

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