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Johnnyk951  21/04/2011
Excuse me im Johnny, I was wondering if you'll let me use this font for a logo of my clothing line? Please, reply.
THELODGECREW  20/05/2011
Evenings Mr Klein!

Me name's Kris - I am currently embarking on a quest to
organise a charity football tournament.

I was just looking through for a catchy font for the logo = and let's be honest Your work is.. amazing.

I would be honoured if I could use it to promote the tournament and I would of course go great lenghts to give as much credit as owed back to you.

Kindest of regards,

Martin typo  18/11/2011
You make a killing ! not a tribute
We need respect Cassandre and Bifur type, more than that !
Gina Tarantino  14/07/2012
Mr. Klein,
Was wondering if I could use this font. My sister and I are starting a business and Cassandra is a perfect fit for part of our logo. Please let me know.
apheiffer  25/08/2012
People of dafont! This is a (somewhat poorly) digitally rendered version of a typeface called Bifur that was designed in 1929 by A. M. Cassandre. Because Klein named this font 'Cassandra', I don't think he is intending to present it as his own original design, but nonetheless he is not the one to ask for permission for use in commercial projects, as he has merely copied the design from elsewhere.

There are several versions of this font floating around the web, some free, some not, and dafont even has another version that is much closer to the original design (and much more beautiful, imo).
christylee38  07/06/2014
If we use a typeface that is a free version of someone else's similar typeface is there any danger of copyright infringement or anything? Since it technically isn't our typeface & this version is "free" I can't see how we could, but doesn't anyone know for sure? Please help! I dont want to use it unless I know Im not liable...thanks for your time!

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