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NuuskamuikkunenAl  17/02/2008
Viridis  23/02/2008
Very pretty and graceful font! I especially like the dotted letters :)
palaciaskincare  24/05/2008
Can I use this font for my skin care service menu? Please advise.
sesar  10/01/2009
How can I upload it?
philippedada  16/06/2009
this is a dead ringer for Dorovar Carolus by Casady & Greene, who were marketing fonts before Adobe
Lathena  29/06/2009
Hi, can I use it for my role playing game please ? Of course, I'll say from where is it. Please advise.
King Klass  15/09/2009
nice font - me likes thanks for creating this
Heather Allen  17/03/2010
I have a client that would like to use your font as their companies name, would that be okay please contact me on here.
jasonstam  31/05/2011
Can I use this in a logo design? Contact me at
terry_h_thomas  08/07/2013
I would also like to use this font. Please contact me:
mk_ikone  08/10/2013
Is this font free for use in designes? Contact
Kris_nokto  27/02/2014
Hello, can I use this font for commercial use? (banners) Please contact
kikkamos  31/08/2014
Hi sorry if I disturb u but I'd like to make a tattoo with this font, how can I use it? I need it in a couple of days, sorry =( thanks sooooo much
AlisonOropeza20  20/12/2014
I want to use this font in a cover for my book. May I use? Please contact me if I can't:
MyrnaMoonstruck  12/11/2015
Could I use this font in the logo for my new clothing label? Contact:
Kgin2016  26/01/2016
Can I use this font for my website? Contact

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