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LaylaS  16/01/2014
I really like this font, great job!

I would like to know if I would be allowed to use this commercially?
LaylaS  16/01/2014
(while crediting you as the author, ofcourse)
tickbite  auteur de Cardenio Modern   31/03/2014
Sorry, I must have missed your comment. Yes, you may use the font commercially. I hope you have done so already and did not wait for my rather late reply.
lissssss  03/01/2015
Hello, my name is Lisa and I’m a member of a german pupil's magazine called. It’s my exercise to make the layout of the magazine. Your font wich I found on ‚‘ has the perfect style for our little unprofessional pupil’s magazine. With this comment I want to inform you about the use of your font in commercial. Hope we have your acceptance.

Kind regards,
Elzahh  27/03/2016
I really like this font! Is it okay if I use it on my society6 store/images?

Thanks for you time. -E
sarahjanedesign  28/04/2016
Love this font! Just added to my latest casetify collection. tagged the photos with your font. Thank you so much!!!
NaluMiki  14/08/2018
Hi! This font is great! I would love to use it on my video, I'm just not sure how the exact credit has to be. Could you please send me the wording for it? Thank you!
mzaini30  08/10/2019
Assalamualaikum. Good morning. I have permission to use the font that you created for my APK: Typography ( If you don't want me to use your font on my APK, please send an email to Then, I will delete the font from my APK.


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