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mtension  02/04/2010
What a great idea, I love it!
StereoType  02/04/2010
This font is gonna hurt !
Panda_z  22/04/2010
very beatiful
Dragon200  04/10/2010
very much like a handwrite font. good.
yukikonoda  28/12/2011
hobbsfarm  24/01/2012
I just donated to you so I can use it for a non-profit 5K/10K race flyer. (is that okay?) I created the flyer in Word, & it looked fantastic thanks to your font, & when I opened it the next day the font converted to some random font. I tried changing it to this but it won't work. Also, there seems to be no numbers? Thank you
iduke  11/02/2012
how to use font to underline with letter continuating.plz help
3Mwana  24/06/2012
same as above^
cocolime49  09/09/2012
iduke & 3Mwana:
you type { or }
SaskiaWbn  06/03/2013
Hello Billy Argel,

I love your font, it is great! Can I use it for my website? I wanna offer little grafic design services besides my studies of media management. The font would only be used on my website. I don't know how I can get in touch with you.
Best regards!


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