Candle Mustard

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Cat.B  15/06/2018
nice done
Typhoon Type - Suthi Srisopha  auteur de Candle Mustard   15/06/2018
Thank you Cat. Your font too.
Cat.B  15/06/2018
Knackpack Studio  16/06/2018
Sweet.. :)
Typhoon Type - Suthi Srisopha  auteur de Candle Mustard   16/06/2018
@Knackpack Studio , Thx so much
Golden Potato  21/06/2018
How did you come up with the name? It is interesting, I will give you that! What was your inspiration for the name?
would you be will to sell font for business use. T-shirts etc.
Aydeebo  02/07/2018
How do you do the line at the end? I’m using my iPad and it won’t do it. Thanks
Hi! Can I use this font for a mural?
Lavenna  27/07/2018
I have a iPad and I’ve been trying to download some fonts for my Cricut explore 2 and for some reason it won’t let me ?!?! 😩 Help Please!!
nvankirk  30/07/2018
How much for commercial license for Candle Mustard, please?
Thanhquach  07/08/2018
Yes, how do we get the lines at the first and last letters? Thanks!
vrjackson  20/08/2018
How do you do the lines?
CreativeJulia  08/09/2018
The line at the end is shown in the breakdown of the font. It is an ending parenthesis.
jolenad  16/12/2019
How much for a commercial license, please?
mattmel69  31/05/2020
Does anyone know how to download this font in a file that is supported by Cricut? Every time I download the font it is in a Winzip file.

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