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Schwalbenkoenig  28/05/2008
»Campanile originally cast by MacKellar, Smith and Jordan Type Foundry, not to be confused with Bodoni Campanile which was designed by Robert Hunter Middleton for Ludlow Typographic Company in the late 1930’s.

Campanile has been digitized by 3 people:

Mr. Dan X. Solo: 24 Victorian Display Fonts with CD-Rom available from Dover Publications.

Dieter Steffmann (the one here)

Aridi (

You can find a complete showing of Campanile in the following books:

VGC Alphabet Library (1973-1985)
Victorian Display Alphavets: 100 Complete Fonts
Quote by Graphic6 from here:
Schnecke92  04/09/2013
I would like to use this great font for commercial use
please send me an email at
micliz  06/01/2014
Is this free for commercial usage? Please email me at
cthorndycroft  12/02/2014
Can you tell me if this font is free for commercial usage i.e. book covers etc? Mail me at Thanks.
sfdesign  20/03/2015
Please email for commercial use
typnosis  22/09/2015
I would like to use this for commercial use. Please send me an email at
darlingapril  25/03/2016
Hello! I would love to use this font for commercial use, My email is
rchillon  24/04/2017
I'd like to use this font for commercial use, mail me at thank you very much

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