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scenegirl3  24/12/2008
makes me hungry :)
really cool font.
aya  15/04/2009
very cute font!!!!
is this free or sth? somebody know?
philippedada  06/02/2011
issued by Douglas F. Olena, and free on his online site Keystrokes:
nyuk  13/12/2012
this looks like a font family called fajita.
Did you copy?
MMDD21  30/10/2018
I was wondering about the license of this font. I wanted to use it for a commercial project, specifically a logo. I tried looking online and clicking the available links, but for some reason none of them are working. If you could let me know about the license and where to go if I need to purchase it, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank You.
kissifur1  16/05/2020
How do I get the license for this font?

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