Bullets 4 Japanese

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sweet_angelcutie  22/12/2006
doesn't look like Japanese to me.
RyoMasterSan  07/01/2007
It's Chinese, not Japenese :D BEWARE
Utilisateur supprimé 72634  18/04/2007
mmmm... this font has some kanji, little chinese, and a little japanese. kanji is what sortof looks likes chinese, but is japanese. kanji is like a japanese form of chinese (,they have a meaning)-but can be useful for paint programs.

PS: i took a few classes and i notice some of those Characters X-D
Leela-Turanga  08/10/2007
re: en japonais SYLLABES et pas DE L!
KiraHoshi  03/11/2007
It IS japanese...1= ao (blue) 2= midori (green) 3= kiiro (yellow) 4= ocha(tea) 5= ei (english) 6= hikari (ray, light)
I'm not sure what the others mean but they all are Kanji ^^
MissWings  09/11/2007
It's chinese but the japanese use the same characters.
And @ kirhoshi, number six doesn't mean hikari but rice
Raph95  16/05/2009
Those are kanji. Does anyone have the Japanese hiragana fonts? I need them.
chrisFam  30/04/2016
Nice Kanji !

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