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Nugroho  05/08/2008
Tlatos sanget mba. Sae sae...
Resy  auteur de Bubble Sharp   10/09/2008
Somebody can translate it?... however thanks Nugroho!
TravlynWomyn  13/03/2009
I like it - this is a great one to add decoration too. Many thanks
This is just like the Ocean Village font!O.V is a cruise company!
cap.ve  04/10/2009
Hye Resy,
is it possible to use your font bubble sharp on a web site?
This is a great one!
thanks to answer!
Resy  auteur de Bubble Sharp   09/11/2009
Thanks for your comments! I think Ocean Village is a nice font but it's very different from Bubble Sharp.
Cap.ve you can use my font on a website, can i see the result? i'm curious!
klee  11/04/2010
beautiful font indeed! Could this font be used for a business logo?
quepeba  10/03/2011
Hello !

is it possible to use your font bubble sharp on a logo and communication (menu and other) for a restaurant?

You can answer on quepeba@yahoo.fr

Thanks !
Resy  auteur de Bubble Sharp   20/04/2011
Hi, sorry for the delay.... yes you can use my font for yours logos... if it's possible i would see the result! Thanks you!
stago  18/12/2012
Hi Resy,
I like the font very much and i would like to use it in my free wordpress theme where it fits perfectly. I need to know what licence should i attach to it. You can answer me on hadron1975@yahoo.com. Of course I will send you link or screenshot if you agree.
emmbec  17/07/2015
Hi Resy, can I use your font for my logo on my YouTube Channel?


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