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streetplay  23/07/2008
hi, is this font free for commercial use?
Phaedrus  03/11/2010
Can anyone tell me what font this was based on? The script is what I need, but without the filled-in parts...
natjb  28/04/2011
Can I use this font for commercial use?
altheavanef  08/03/2013
@Paedrus, looks like Orphiel (two years for an answer, wow XD )
hennyh  10/11/2013
hi, is this font free for commercial use?
nikolam3244  04/12/2015
It might be two year old, but it helped me :-D
bombhaus  20/04/2016
I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm fine if you use my fonts for commercial work. I would love to see what you're doing with it.

David M. Debus

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