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summerbaby  30/05/2007
too plain
Starrdaark  27/07/2007
Too plain? Certainly it is somewhat plain when compared to others of similar type. However, as such it is actually useable.
becsta457639  09/12/2009
thank you so much I use this on projects all the time
rebekka&dorothy  24/06/2010
wow this is... strange! i cant help but keep looking at it in happiness and excitment. it gives me great pleasure ;) like my mother said theres nothing better than a good piece of art! keep up the good work folks hope to see more!!!!!!!!!!!!!
zagmathustra  16/02/2011
Great for large headers, although the default kerning needs a lot of adjustment. I made you a font flag for this!
bigolei  09/11/2013
For anyone else who is wondering, this looks exactly like the font used on Christian Hosoi's graphics! Thank you creator
sheldooor  30/07/2015
Can I use it for commercial use?

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