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ahab  31/10/2012
Your font looks exactly like Mrs Sheppards by Sudtipos
paulow  auteur de Bluelmin Ronald   31/10/2012
off course. don't you read my font note at the download page ? " ABOUT THIS FONT - BLUELMIN RONALD

Charles Bluemlein was a penmanship and calligrapher, best known for producing a series of script alphabets for the Higgins Ink Company of Brooklyn, New York. These scripts were published in Script and

Manuscript Lettering in the forties. Bluemlein was one of the last members of the rich tradition of the golden era of the north-american penmanship. With this and the next coming soon fonts, we will try to pay
a tribute to his art, in a free interpretation of his scripts. Despite the original name Bluemlein I decide use a different one to named this series of fonts, Bluelmin. THE OPEN TYPE VERSION HAS A BONUS :

six extra gliphs acessible using the gliph pallet or the contextual alternate open type feature (plus a "G" gliph available using the Special Set 01 feature) " - Sudtipos does yours researches in the same book where I do
Ander  14/11/2012
This fabulous font brings back all kinds of memories for me of the 1950s, when women weren't afraid to wear red lipstick and men weren't afraid to appear in BBQ aprons with ridiculous sayings on them. Yay!
Ander  14/11/2012
Oh, okay—it's actually from the '40s. It made me think of the '50s though. Clearly, such a great font can't be confined to a single decade.

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