Birth of a Hero

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atommipommi  06/09/2007
wow, really nice. thanks for this :)
pofke  20/09/2007
nicee. how can i find a similar undistorted font?
Gyom Séguin  auteur de Birth of a Hero   20/09/2007
When creating this font, I based myself on Avant Garde and Avant Garde Alternates.
93vintage  29/09/2007
very cute.
i downloaded this.
not sure how to do all this stuff,
but i'll get better at it.
I retyped what I wanted on paint w/the font.
I hope thats the right way lol.
Its a little confusing
anyways thanks for it!
AlHazred  30/09/2007
This is a great font! I could really see this as the logo for a movie or TV show! Thanks!
kalmira  09/10/2007
Hey, great font, but I found a glitch - when typing "ffi", as in "office", the "i" disappears. If you fix this, please let me know so I can reload the font. Otherwise, awesome font! Thanks!
innovati  23/10/2007
I like the look of this one too, but I wish it didn;t have the distressed look.

It reminds me of the font used at and I'm wondering if that wonderful slanted 'A' is something they designed, or if it's actually in the Avant Garde font somewhere.....

either way, nice font for sure...
pinky24  26/10/2007
Looks great, but I can't install it. Windows Vista says some files are invalid, so... I wish I could use any of your fonts but they all have the same error.
dpendrith  02/11/2007
Protest The Hero is using this font for their myspace theme.
Boattamon  07/11/2007
great one, love it !
jcbaseball11  15/01/2008
great work!
im bout to download
helm77  15/01/2008
GREATEST ROCK FONT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
helm77  15/01/2008
used it for my Blog:
wrenfern  11/02/2008
This typeface is pretty much just Avant Garde, distressed, with some letters replaced by ligatures. The classic typeface in its original form is nearly 40 years old. Herb Lubalin is turning in his grave. The kerning pairs are also pretty inexcusable.

If you like this, please look up the real thing and see how it is supposed to look. Wiki 'Lubalin' or 'Avant Garde magazine'.
xxdachidachx9  04/03/2008
OMG I LOVE THIS FONT!!! This is the To Write Love on Her Arms font that they used with the slanty "a"!!!
CustomBusinessCards  21/04/2008
It would be even better in bold.
horsemadb  27/05/2008
nosta911  06/07/2008
Can someone tell me how to load this up on photoshop??... i just can't do it.. i can do it on word..
Kodoichi  25/07/2008
I'm with wrenfern: you just took the commercial Avantgarde typeface, slightly altered it with a grungy look that anybody can do in Photoshop and give it away for free, without respect to the copyright of the original creator.

Anyway is using "your" font commercially.
Gyom Séguin  auteur de Birth of a Hero   25/07/2008
I never said that I created a new font or anything. I just did a grungy version and that's it. And by the way, its free for personal use only...
jonze2012  31/07/2008

This guy was criticized for being cheap on, I thought it might be unlikely that he paid you for usage.

(love this font!!)
sabrisa333  31/07/2008
Thomas Godoj
house8  13/08/2008
i want this for mny myspace how do i do it
6dimitris  21/08/2008
Help me please!This is awesome,but I don't know what to do,to download it...Help me...
creoloko  26/08/2008
excellent! it would be great to have the bold version :D
ss2k506ssw  29/08/2008
can you please upload the regular version
Headshot_Manic  30/08/2008
i really want to use this font 'coz its great but whenever i try to download it it doesnt work. Help me!
Headshot_Manic  30/08/2008
when i tried installing it it said font is either invalid or damaged wtf!
hiphopbride  13/09/2008
can you add colors to this ?
don_fedes  06/10/2008
i've seen a font that looks very very similar on the cover of an album from Metro Station:
StreetLingaz  10/10/2008
Ahh shit doesnt a band use this as their font? I cant remember which one. Anyway, cool font. Its simple, but it definitely has its charm. :)
FAHLIDE  01/11/2008
this font is cool retro n very simple..................
cplin  04/11/2008
this's font is awesome
i saw this font in Daniel P$owter's new album, i'm sure it's this font...
aya  17/11/2008
this font is awesome! i used in the logo of a mag cover i had to make for an assignment! thanks..!u rock! =]
LeTypographe  09/12/2008
Metrostation utilise la "vraie" avant garde alternates
Quand à Daniel Powter, si les designer de sa pochette ont acheté la AvantGarde Alternates ils ont le droit d'utiliser la "birth of a hero"...même de façon commerciale... Ils pourraient d'ailleurs très bien avoir dénaturé la AvantGarde eux-mêmes, comme dit précédemment, un coup de toshop ou de trator et c'est fait!
absinthe  26/12/2008
does anyone know why i only get the uppercase ?
giantshrimp  02/01/2009
i need help on downloading...i downloading it and its in winrar and i tried to drag and drop it into my fonts folder but it says the file c:\users\evan\desktop\birthofafero is not a valid font......can someone please helpme
tayyash  09/01/2009
Hmm... Can you possible upload any alternates to this font? Because I know once there was the outline version available too, but now it's not here. Thanks!
ivionday  09/01/2009
I've found this font on products in stores twice now. Once on a guitar hero t-shirt in Kohls and the other on an album cover in Best Buy. I hope this guy is getting royalties for these. See the attached pictures...
ian_edward  18/01/2009
If I've already paid for AvantGarde and I put a grunge filter over it, are people going to post up my art on here and complain about how I'm not paying royalties? That would be HILARIOUS.

Now all I need is some terrible emo band who wants a picture of a skull and some splatters on an AA2001 shirt.
ThomasGodojFan  23/01/2009
flipdarius  04/02/2009
I loved this!

Would you give me any tip on making grunge, complex fonts? I find difficult to render then with FontLab. Do you use another software? Or have any special plugin? Thanks!
dumptruk  25/03/2009
I love all the whiny twats stating it's not an original font. Neither are 70% of the fonts being sold on Linotype. Go back to WhatTheFont or Typophile and fellate each other with your 'font prowess'.
Cpr.Sparhelt  26/03/2009

I think FontCreator is better than FonLab, but it's your choice. Making grunge effects is very easy with Photoshop. But it isn't so difficult in FontCreator if you don't have Photoshop.
REA002  28/04/2009
is it just me or does this look like to a distorted Avent Garde or Avent Garde OT font?
Miss Malicious  29/04/2009
Very pretty :)
ztonsoffun  07/05/2009
Do you know where I can find this font with the slanted letters where it isn't eroded?
Nie  10/05/2009
Gorgeous font!!
shleep  17/05/2009
All of these idiots commenting on how this font looks eerily similar to Avant Garde...NO SH*T! Don't hate the guy for making the most overly used and abused font in the 21st century. He didn't know that everybody was going to treat it like a $5 hooker.
css-nemesis  12/06/2009
I just noticed this font in a german tv commercial for Braun:
A beautiful font everyone likes ;).
agustinluisbou92  12/06/2009
To make this font did you buy ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro? (see link below)
crd22  10/09/2009
I didn't know that this was a remake of another font, but it's still one of my Top 5 fav fonts.
I like the grunge style better than the plain anyway, plus this is free! for personal use.

I really hope the creator is getting paid for all the ads and merchandise and whatnot that use his font.
rwroth  26/10/2009
i just edited this font and put it up under fancy>>retro. hopefully it will be accepted!!!
rwroth  26/10/2009
and i might add that the edited version is NOT grunged!!!!
Ja_Hae  27/07/2010
Roger S. Nelsson  29/08/2010
For those of you looking for an improved version with more/better accents etc: Guillaume Séguin has allowed me to rework his fonts and offer them with a (very generous) commercial license.
So if you need a professional quality Unicode OpenType or TrueType version of this font with a multilingual and expanded character set - you will find it here:
(Guillaume Séguin receives royalties from all sales)
friendoflefty  21/10/2010
How do I go about using the original font commercially? I sent an email to the creator but have not heard back.
aprescott3  16/12/2010
I met Herb Lubalin years ago. He had a very good sense of humor about how Avant Garde was used and misused. I'm pretty sure he would smile at this as well, but who knows? He might even cry at what's happened to typography the last five or six years. Rest in Peace, Herb.
lise 19  24/02/2011
Does anyone know where to find this style in bold,thhx lise
Jallen  14/03/2011
Nice font but very overused, but I guess thats good in some aspects
wierdo91  18/04/2011
hey i was wondering if you are selling to use for comercial use.
Tappz_TAP  21/06/2011
Hi would it be possible for me to use this font for comercial use please?
cable321  25/06/2011
cool font!!
Mane91100  30/06/2011
FatimaDelgadow  13/08/2011
C'st Bien
Zemzem  28/12/2011
lina.1  14/03/2012
J'adore !
Calvin Nickson  30/04/2012
I hope you don't mind if i use this font commercially, i have donated :)
jayvonswagg  08/09/2012
This font is amazing is there a plain font like this without the designs.
Maykel Fonts  31/08/2013
Personne n'aurait pu créer cette police ! Je mets 100/100 !
Clarisse M  18/07/2014
Hello, I would like to use this font for commercial purposes. I m creative invitation craft. How much is it?
(I started, and it's a very small company, don't be too greedy please!)

Thank you.
      Clarisse M.
Corey44  16/06/2015
How much is font? Cheers

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