Bergamot Ornaments

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Http.tudo  07/07/2014
Pq no meu iphone 4 não está dando para baixar
PhungThuHa  31/01/2015
Lady-Bug  28/06/2015
This is a great dingbat font!
Thanks :D
marlonrossatti  12/03/2018
Is it 100% free?
Thank you!
dmork  31/03/2018
How do I get all the characters. My downloaded font is missing m-w, A, B, F, J-Z? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
KrisKris  19/04/2018
From what I read on, this font is free (the cost is 0,00), and you may use it in any document (printed or on screen).

Follow the link in the description of the font for more information.

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