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uluorta  09/10/2008
Did you know that "Ayla" is a female name in Turkish? And it actually means "halo around the moon".
xelia  26/10/2008
I like this font =P I'm looking for a nice(ish) font to use for school stuff, hope this one is what I'm looking for xD
xelia  26/10/2008
Okies, got it all downloaded and stuff. It nice, although I'd appreciate a '-'. I'm using it for an english essay, so I'm going to have to not use it for now =( so that I don't get marked down, although will definately be using it for banner making =P Nice font.
mborowczak  12/01/2009
its tooo boring
mborowczak  12/01/2009
more ffffuuunnnnn but i like it i used it for my english essay
ayla-c  26/01/2009
Ayla is not JUST a name in Turkish, it's also a name in hebrew meaning "oak tree", other than that, it's the main character in the Earth's Children series by Jean M. Auel and MY NAME:)
Belisarius  04/12/2009
There as an older version of this font posted awhile ago with a more pronounced curve to the "f" among other things. Do you still have this available? I came across an old paper with it the other day, but no longer have it on my new computer. I loved the way it looked, can you please repost it if you have it?

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