Army Rust

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MrExclusive  22/01/2014
Hello sir! you got a wonderful font and I really do appreciate it. just wondering if its available for commercial use?
GarrowGlitch  auteur de Army Rust   25/01/2014
yes it is. all fonts for commercial are 10.00 U.S. thank you
soilderboi  20/11/2014
Yesss Mon Eh US Marines Woooooooooooooooooooo
jshhil  16/01/2017
hey man I want to use this commercially - where do I send you the $10?
Prototype_R  15/07/2017
Hi, Great job ! I would like to use your logo commercially in the future, how can i send you the $10?
Thank you :)
estrickland1  25/11/2017
Love it, just wish it worked for symbols (!@#$%^&*()_) as well.
Johan Raminez  28/12/2018
Bonjour, Je tenais à vous remercier pour la qualité et les rare police autour de l'univer Army
kdsanford  25/01/2019
I'm a graphic designer and would like to use your font for some T-shirt designs. Please let me know where to send you the $10.
opsecarmy84  10/04/2019
I would like to used your font.And the 10$ donation will sent to your paypal.
barchuanhong  20/04/2019
Hi I would like purchase this font size for commercial use.How can I transfer USD10 to you?

dave7218  07/04/2020
I see the comments for the use of this commercially, I didn't see a response, where can I send the money for commercial use?
renerod1223  09/06/2020
I would like to purchase this font for commercial use. How can I transfer you the $10(USD)?
chrisav  23/09/2020
Hi, Great Font! According to your website I am "Donating to author" $10.00 to use "Army Rust" font for commercial use. Thank You!
Rogina  19/03/2022
I have sent you $10.00 for commercial use of army rest thank you
fpscannonfodder  21/07/2022
hi great looking font can i use it on my youtube video?
speakforth  18/11/2022
I would like to use this font for sermon notes in our church bulletin. Is that considered "personal use" or "commercial use" since we are not making any money from it?
mostlysunny5  14/06/2023
Love this font but can anyone tell me how to get an apostrophe to show up on Design Space????

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