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The Mimi  08/06/2010
Oh, this is pretty. Thanks!
ejk74  01/07/2010
Great font, I would like to use it in a logo and would like your permission to do so.
roki  auteur de Antrokas   07/07/2010
Thanks, please contact me on email ( and describe a bit more
Maffy  14/01/2011
very interesting!
babey17  25/07/2011
Beautiful. Thanks. :)
popdesign  24/09/2011 sexy....
I love it...
Thanks for you !!!!!!!
archetypia  04/01/2012
Stunning! Unlike anything out there, surpasses "ribbon" fonts by a mile.
JemKem  28/06/2012
I am Danish and I miss the other letters like æ ø and å. If I buy the commercial version, is all the other caracters also with the font then? :)

What does the full font cost?
roki  auteur de Antrokas   31/08/2012
JemKem - sorry for a delayed answer, if you're interested, please write me to and I'll tell you all necessary information.

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