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jwest36  29/06/2013
hi. im designing a logo for a company and i was wondering if i could use your font please
marcelvelky  09/03/2015
thank you
Sarah LM  24/06/2015
Hi there, Thank you for designing this font, it's truly beautiful. I was hoping to use it as a logotype for a small company. How would I go about doing that? Thank you for your time and consideration.
Wender J  02/05/2016
Beautiful font! Can this be used for commercial use? Is there a fee? Please contact me at
hijodelah  24/05/2016
hi. im designing a logo for a small gallery in chiapas, mexico, and i was wondering if i could use your font, thanks a lot! you could write to
Naner24  06/02/2018
Hi! Great font! I'm actually designing a logo for my company, can I use your font ? It there a fee ? please email me at

Best regards
kmzero  auteur de Antipasto   08/02/2018
Hi @Naner24 If you want to use our fonts in a commercial project, you must buy the rights to do so by paying a license fee that varies according to usage and number of users.
We have sent you an email with further info.
samantha.fee.iv  19/03/2023
Hey there, I am also looking to use this font for a small business. If you could email me with the information on paying a license fee to get access to the font that would be great thank you!

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