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American Captain

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LuisAndre  12/04/2013
primero a comentar
LuisAndre  12/04/2013
gab51299  08/05/2014
AsianSteven_635  16/11/2014
May I use this in my youtube banner?
MrSmiley  auteur de American Captain   29/11/2014
DaytimeSolo  13/12/2014
Can I also use this in my youtube banner please
MrSmiley  auteur de American Captain   14/12/2014
But of course! Enjoy!
ricefonts  06/01/2015
I work for a non-profit rock & mineral museum focused on education. May I use this font for an event poster?
ellery a  19/03/2015
I am starting a life coaching business and this font is perfect for my website banner and graphics. Can I use it? What do I need to do to get permission?
Hanna123123  24/07/2016
Can I use your font for an University Project? :)
dapremonster  24/08/2016
I work for a veteran service non-profit and we would like to use your font for memorial signs honoring fallen service members. May we have your permission to do so?
Camberboyz  18/11/2016
I make stickers and I love this font and I would love to incorporate it in my designs. May I have permission to?
TheoBeni  03/10/2017

Can I use your font (american captain) for my flyer and website?

Best regards
MrSmiley  auteur de American Captain   07/10/2017
TheoBeni, go for it!
AwesomeAiden  16/10/2017
Can I use this font in my Youtube logo?
autumnmenace  18/10/2017
May I use your American Captain font for print banners and business cards for my brother’s small business?

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