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StreetLingaz  11/03/2008
This is a good bitmap font.
dotnova  13/03/2008
nice font, it looks great.
nice font
turbonium412  20/05/2008
It is a nice font - unfortunately it is not practicably usable since it can't be embedded in PDFs... I can't really follow that logic...
wambipur  auteur de Ambitsek   22/05/2008
First of all, thanks for the nice words.
Secondly, there's no logic to follow, it was just a mistake. Sorry, to err is human. I've never made fonts before, it seems that I bollixed something up. But I've uploaded an update just now, and I hope it will solve the problem.
m0nk3yi3unz  16/07/2009
wambipur: great font, the best on daFont for small, but professional looking, text :) Thanks for keeping it free!


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