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sexycani  10/10/2010
I love this font <3
hanoded  auteur de All Over Again   10/10/2010
;-) Hi Sexycani... Thanks!!
KittyKatCleary  25/10/2010
Really cool font, very unique! Just sent my donation (not much because I have no job, but I hope it's okay). Thank you so much! :)
hanoded  auteur de All Over Again   02/11/2010
Hey KittyKat,

No sweat. Enjoy the font!
Courtster76  11/11/2010
Can't seem to get the font to download? Not sure what's up. Says the file is invalid.
parago  12/11/2010
Love it - any chance you'll ever make a lower case version also? Pretty please? :D
hanoded  auteur de All Over Again   13/11/2010
Hi courtster76 - check your computer: everyone else seems to be able to download it.

Parago... lower case... I'll think about it!
picassova  30/12/2010
Font is hot...using it for one of my future t-shirts. Will promptly make a donation shortly.. :-)
hanoded  auteur de All Over Again   30/12/2010

I LUV donations! Thanks picassova!
abby&kirby  14/01/2011
this is emo just like me.
isa0304  31/12/2012
This font is cool, but the lowercase y and g gets cut off on microsoft word. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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