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Patopian81  auteur de Alarm Clock   25/08/2014
The font is a true 7 segment display (True 14 segment for letters and characters). The font is fixed space, so is fine for animation without shifting left or right.
The style is based on a generic alarm clock style font. It was created due to lack of decent 7 segment display fonts. Enjoy. Font is free for personal use only.
KaleidonKep99  26/08/2014
Awesome font! :D
Meyklar  10/05/2020
Merci beaucoup pour cette police de caractère.

On l'a utilisé dans notre application Litsi pour un minuteur :
bmwgo819  22/08/2020
Hi, I'm a high school student looking to use this font in a student made short film? What is your policy for using this font?


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