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Smartypantz  09/10/2007
Yet another excellent font by NF. Good for design, or for picking up chicks.
antdawg  30/01/2008
Sweet font! Would love to use it. Is it available for commercial use?
jaheem  01/07/2008
awesome. Is this available to use for a company logo? If so how can i purchase it.
drumzikos  10/03/2009
Hello, i'm frensh, il realy like this font, and i'm putting up a little sound engeniring company would let me use it for mu logo ?
drax940  09/12/2009
Hello! Can you tell me, is it available for commercial use?

Aniki101  29/04/2010
your work is amazing, can you please tell me if your fonts here are generally free for commercial use? much appreciated :)
LiroXIV  11/07/2010
Well Aniki101, if Konami can randomly pick it up to use as the step judgement font on DDR X2, I guess the sky's the limit?
goodieadamagu  14/04/2011
Really nice font, please advise me if it is available for commercial use and if I am able to use it for my logo. Send me information to
Piero87  12/05/2011
Grate font! it's free and for commercial use?...send me information at
Pinkshadow  15/07/2011
Everyone LOVES your font! Could you please send me info on commercial use of this font and any other necessary legalities regarding this font. Thank you!
ty_frank  01/09/2011
I loved your font, i featured it on a wallpaper this month -
Stinger101  12/10/2012
Hello, I love this font & want to use it to put my racing monika on a new set of motorcycle race leathers. I've donated $5. How do I download the letters I want please?
PabloImpallari  06/03/2013
@Stinger101 just click in the Download button :)
ehilts28  26/04/2013
Can I use this for commercial use if I donate? Send me the info
srg412  28/04/2013
can i use this for a contest on 99designs?
f412u  16/07/2013
Hi there, absolutely love this font! May i use it for a logo? Please let me know info for commercial use on Much appreciated!
zenrahead  23/07/2013
Hello I want to use this in a a RV Logo Storage, can you let me know more info. Thanks
ginsoaked  23/07/2013
Dear Sir, I also want to use your great font for commercial use. Is it allowed?
Schnecke92  04/09/2013
I would like to use this great font for commercial use
please send me an email at
kvanvelz  01/10/2013
A true beauty. Would love to be able to use for commercial use.

Please and thank you.
marcusjortiz  30/11/2013
hello I would like to use this font for a logo please email
saulo  24/02/2014
Hello, I really liked your font. I also would like to buy it for a commercial use. could you let me know more info?
hritter  06/03/2014
Free for commercial use? Wonderful font! contact me please..
dolce_gal  03/06/2014
I love this font! Can you let me know if this is free for commercial use? Thanks -
flykingsstore  14/12/2014
I love this font. Is it okay to use for a log? Please let me know, thanks.
CHARLYG  19/04/2015
Hello Sir

I love this font and i would like use this font for a Logo.
Is it available for commercial use?

Tanks you
skeslassy  12/05/2015
Hi There, this font is excellent. Huge fan. What are the details in terms of Commercial use? Please let me know.. Thanks- Samuel
MadDogJoe313  05/07/2016
I love this font! Is this available for public use? I'd love to use it for a project. Could you email me at
AnaelleM  17/12/2016
Hello !
Love this font, I would like to use it for a logo, is it free for commercial use?
Let me know at

We wanted to use this font for our logo, how can we go about commercially using Airstream.ttf Shoot us an email:

-The FluidBook Team
Ajwilkz  14/03/2017

I love your font like everyone else!

Can I use it commercially? Please let me know

upNorth60  06/06/2017
Hello! Is this font available for commercial use?
Please let me know at
Its great!
lyndsaylewman  14/08/2017
Love this font! Is this available for commercial use? Please shoot me an email, I would love to talk!
nattpesuke  15/09/2017
I want to use this font for commercial.

Please contact
lesprojetsmaestro  30/01/2018
Hi. I want to use the font for commercial use, Can you contact me
asdk1ller  10/12/2018
Awesome font! Would love to know about commercial usage. My email is if you wouldn't mind reaching out to me. Thank you.

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