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LooneyTunerIan  02/08/2016
You call this a font when there's nothing on it?
kmzero  auteur de Advertising Script   03/08/2016
Hello Looney, we can't see no problem with the font files, they're installing correctly on all our test computers... Try to re-install it!
ashpikachu099  04/08/2016
Where is the font? 8-P Is it invisible or what?
LooneyTunerIan  05/08/2016
That's what I was talking about, ashpikachu099.
pentapenguin  05/08/2016
Shut off your stupid AdBlock and perhaps it will work (the font is called "ADVERTISING script")
LooneyTunerIan  06/08/2016

My bad. ^^;

pentapenguin was right. It was AdBlock.

Sorry 'bout that.
kmzero  auteur de Advertising Script   15/08/2016
Thank you Pentapenguin! And yes, we realized too late that the name may sound suspicious to ad blockers... This is why, by the way, our website won't display images on the buying page if an adblocker is installed.
PabloImpallari  16/08/2016
Lovely Script, congratulations!

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