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Vincent_Berg  20/04/2019
Just to warn you, despite your comment about the Commercial use of this font, it's currently FREE on the site listed. I realize font creators can't time when fonts are updated, either here or on other sites, but if this was a mistake, you may want to address it. (P.S. If so, contact me, 'cause I'm grabbing it now while I can. While I have NO problem paying for fonts I use, it's often a long time before I find a use for the fonts I like.)
nurfdesigns  auteur de Abingdon   20/04/2019

this is 100% free commercial use. there was a mistake in the description I wrote. I have updated the license for this font. but it usually takes time. don't worry if you want to use this font ... this is really free ... hope you are happy with this news.

Vincent_Berg  27/04/2019
Thanks. I realize the problems with scheduling releases which only pop up at odd times.

The font looks promising, and I'm definitely holding on to it, though I don't have a particular use for it yet.

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