A Year Without Rain

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ciz4claire  23/03/2011
I really love this font! ♥ It's so cute. I love all your fonts. I only wish the spacing was smaller. Other than that, this font is perfect [:
ciz4claire  23/03/2011
*spacing in between each line, I mean! woops.
mamakimberly  auteur de A Year Without Rain   23/03/2011
Hi Claire! The spacing is pretty large- to accommodate the accented glyphs for international language support. If you're using a Microsoft product like Word you can set the spacing to less than 1.0 if that helps. In Adobe products like Photoshop you can also adjust the spacing. I often adjust the line spacing to get the result I desire!
gotcha5832  24/04/2011
I love this font, Unfortunatelly, with this big the line space, I cannot use with @font-face for webdesign.
I tought to modify little bit, but that's to difficult for me

That's so shame, I love so much this font.
mamakimberly  auteur de A Year Without Rain   26/04/2011
I fixed the line spacing- should be updated soon! Thanks for the notes- I see what you guys meant- sorry about that!
basty_dread  03/05/2011
like this font. thanks a lot.
TiteArumi  22/08/2012
Wow, really cool... Thanks !^^
TiteArumi  22/08/2012
Oh yeah, and thank you for the accented glyphs !! I'm french, so I'm glad to see you didn't forget this ! *^*
Puck013  16/10/2012
I love this font. Is it availeble for commercial use (I am from the Netherlands)
mamakimberly  auteur de A Year Without Rain   16/10/2012
For commercial use, please see http://kimberlygeswein.com Thanks :)
Kulu  28/11/2012
I use this font for my project all the time :O

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